Distinctive architectural styles throughout history

The world is full of rich and varied architectural designs that often capture our attention. Memorable buildings often follow certain architectural styles that are immediately identifiable. And many of these design elements are still being utilized by architects today. From the Romanesque to the neoclassical, some of these styles have traveled around the world, adapting themselves to different climates, landscapes, and cultural needs. Click on to discover the most recognized architectural styles that have been applied in many popular structures around the globe.

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Impressive facts about the Aztec Empire

The Aztec Empire is among the most famous Mesoamerican societies that existed before the arrival of Europeans. Formed by three city-states in the valley of Mexico (Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and Tlacopan) the empire dominated the region for almost 100 years. The Aztecs were immensely advanced when it came to sophisticated technology and engineering techniques, which can be observed in ruins that are still scattered across modern Mexico. And they also invented chocolate! Want to discover more about the Aztec Empire? The check-out the following gallery.

Visa upgrade at heart of fresh approach to tourism

Vietnam’s tourism industry is expected to surpass its goal of welcoming eight million foreign visitors this year, if visa policies are updated and length of stay options adjusted. Visas, service quality, and technology were all part of discussions on a better-performing tourism sector Photo: Cuong Minh May’s National Assembly session is likely to help push ahead a revamp of the country’s rules on entry and exit for foreign visitors, after the...

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The Louvre Museum in Paris closed due to strike, photos of visitors crowding the entrance

The Louvre Museum in Paris did not open its doors to visitors on the morning of Monday, March 27. Protests by workers of one of the world's most famous museums are linked to strikes and protests in France against pension reform.

Check out these tasty delicacies on your trip to Bengaluru

Bengaluru Bengaluru, often known as Bangalore, is well-renowned for its lakes. Picnic places include Hebbal Lake, Nagavara Lake, Agara Lake, Sankey Tank, and Ulsoor Lake. Because of its lush vegetation, Bangalore was once dubbed "India's Garden City." In recent years, it has evolved into a cosmopolitan metropolis with dwindling natural spaces and a...

The mysterious and murderous history of Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a large reservoir located approximately 40 minutes from Las Vegas. The man-made lake is fed by the Colorado River and provides drinking water for millions of people in the state of Nevada. It’s neither the most beautiful nor the most impressive lake in the region, but nonetheless it’s been making plenty of headlines in recent years. Dramatic drops in water levels due to climate change have consistently reduced the size of the lake for decades, with a sharp acceleration of the issue in recent years. During the summer of 2022, the receding shoreline has revealed more than one nasty surprise. Click through the following gallery to learn about the now infamous Lake Mead and the deadly secrets that lie in its depths.

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Attracting more visitors to Vietnam

Tourism is one of the major sectors of Vietnam’s economy, contributing over 9 per cent of its GDP. However, international arrivals have declined sharply since 2020. Martin Koerner - Head, Tourism Working Group Vietnam Business Forum To recover from this crisis and boost its tourism potential, Vietnam needs to implement some policy changes and improve its service quality. There are three key recommendations. First is to improve the visa policy....

Have you got what it takes to explore one of the least-visited places on Earth?

Nunavut, Canada's largest and northernmost territory, is one of the remotest and most unforgiving destinations on Earth. It's also one of the most enchanting and compelling. This huge land covers the whole of the eastern section of northern Canada and encompasses the traditional lands of the Inuit, the indigenous peoples of Arctic Canada. Within its boundaries can be found some of the most astonishing natural wonders seen anywhere, together with an abundance of wildlife perfectly suited to this ice-encrusted wilderness. Exploring this mountainous, weather-lashed region takes courage and determination, and a penchant for the unpredictable. So, do you have what it takes to discover one of the least-visited places on the planet? Click on.

Office segment remains on an ‘even keel’ driven by flight-to-quality demand

Knight Frank said occupancy levels of CBD offices are 94%-95%. The occupancy rates in the Raffles Place / Marina Bay precinct and in the overall Central Business District (CBD) remained steady and healthy in the first quarter (Q1) of 2023, Knight Frank said. These numbers were broadly unchanged from the previous quarter’s occupancy levels. The property expert said the occupancy levels in Raffles Place and the overall CBD were at 95.4% and 94.1%,...

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls Ever Created By Mother Nature

From Angel Falls to Niagara Falls, get ready to be wowed!

Which countries are the safest for female travellers?

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience new cultures and ancient wonders—but for many travellers, safety is a barrier. For women especially, it is immensely important to know which countries are safest to visit before booking any flights. For cautious travellers, here are 20 countries that are ranked among the highest for women travellers, so you can pack your bags without losing sleep.

USAID supports wildlife conservation dialogue

A wildlife protection dialogue in Vietnam has been organised by many key players in the field. Under the Saving Threatened Wildlife project, supported by USAID, the Management Board for Forestry Projects, WWF, TRAFFIC, Intelligent Media, and the Training Centre for Elected Representatives, organised the high-level policy dialogue with the National Assembly of Vietnam on improving policy and communication strategies in wildlife protection In...

Travel In The Most Luxurious Economy Seats With These 7 Airlines

If flying at the forward end of the plane (read: first- or business-class) is out of reach, fear not. There are a number of international airlines that offer an elevated travel experience to economy passengers. While none will include lie-flat seats or unlimited pours of Dom Perignon, the economy seats on these carriers are some of the most luxurious that you’ll find. With perks you’d typically only find in first class (think: high-end liquor or...

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Holland to Hollywood: 20 stars you didn't know were from The Netherlands

Guinness Beasts: the world's most venomous animals and other curiosities

If you live in Australia, you already know everything. If, on the other hand, you are lucky enough to live in a place where every animal species does not try to kill you, then you will find it interesting to know which are the most venomous animals in the world according to the Guinness World Record 2023. Obviously, these are not specimens you can encounter while walking around the country with friends, but you should be especially careful: knowing how to recognise them is very important, because it could save your life. For each species, we have also indicated the poison index, so that you can make the necessary comparisons. Dive into this review of horrors with us - have fun.

Batman's airport and other trivia about flights and planes that you may not have known about

In this journey through the world of aviation, we tell you some of the most interesting facts about the world of flights and planes that you might not have known.You will discover, for example, why pilots and co-pilots eat different meals, or what the Batman airport, located in the south-eastern part of Turkey, was named after.We will also tell you why the black boxes on the planes, which, contrary to popular belief, are actually not black, but orange. And again, we will let you in on some facts about the airlines that fly the shortest routes, with surprising information that might change your mind about how to travel.Thank you for choosing us as your guides on this journey through the curiosities of aviation.

The great British seaside of a bygone era

Tourists have been visiting British seaside towns since the Victorian era. While none can really compare with those found on the Mediterranean or elsewhere in Southern Europe, the British seaside is a strangely nostalgic place. These destinations are often wrapped in oddly quirky but endearing childhood memories, of building sandcastles perhaps, or taking donkey rides. Go back further and towns like Brighton, Bournemouth, and Scarborough owe a good part of their foundation to beachfront tourism. And while times change, we still like to be beside the seaside, don't we? Grab the bucket and spade and revisit the great British seaside through the ages. Click on for some truly vintage images.

Headed to Punta Cana? Don't miss these unforgettable attractions

Punta Cana is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean country. Located at the Dominican Republic's easternmost tip, the place is well known for its gorgeous beaches, luxurious resorts, and lush green surroundings. Some of the well-liked attractions include Playa Macao, adventurous Scape Park, and picture-perfect Bavaro Beach. ...

Underrated Parks to Explore Around the United States

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Best Travel & Tourism stocks to follow in 2022.

Travel and tourism is a broad category, with a diverse list of well-known brands. Ecotourism is a fast-growing niche, especially among young travelers. Tourism sector has been perhaps the hardest hit part of the economy by the COVID-19 pandemic. This list presents some of the best travel and tourism stocks to track in the post-pandemic era. The list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

Spike-tacular! Spiny and thorny wildlife you just have to see

Numerous animals are distinguished by their coats of spines and quills. Countless insects, too, are wrapped in tough, thorny skin. And several species of fish are known for their showy, lance-like fins. Spines, spikes, and hair serve many functions including insulation, camouflage, and defense. They add character and quite often color to creatures that many of us have probably never heard of. And some are truly bizarre in appearance! Interested to learn more? Click through and get to the point.

More welcoming policies will rejuvenate tourism chances

Vietnam’s international tourism is slowly reopening and growing again, but it still has a long way to go. International visitors come to Vietnam for tourism purposes, market surveys, and investment. They not only bring about revenue and profit for the aviation and tourism industries, but also are an important factor for economic recovery and development across the country. Bui Doan Ne - Deputy chairman, Vietnam Aviation Business Association With...

The Top 15 Beaches to Visit on the East Coast

Widely considered to be the best stretches of sand along the Atlantic Ocean.

The most expensive books and manuscripts in history

In 1978, one of only 48 copies of the Gutenberg Bible, the first large printed book, was sold to a library in Germany for over US$2 million, making history as the first book or manuscript to sell for over $1 million. Today, however, that sale doesn’t even make the top 20. Here are the most expensive books and manuscripts in history.

Codex Sassoon, the oldest complete Hebrew Bible, on display in Tel Aviv

One of the most valuable, oldest and best preserved historical documents in the world, the Codex Sassoon, is currently on display and will be auctioned on 16 May at Sotheby's in New York. The estimated price, at the moment, is between 30 and 50 million dollars.The Codex is a Masoretic codex comprising all 24 books of the Hebrew Bible as well as all punctuation and accents, dated to the 10th century, although it may be even older. It is considered as old as the Aleppo Codex and a century older than the Leningrad Codex (1006), the earliest known complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible.Now on display in Tel Aviv, it will soon begin a tour that will take it to New York, to be sold. It could also become the most expensive historical document in history.

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Powerful plan mooted for tourism

Experts have agreed that regular cross-sectoral dialogue and public-private partnerships are necessary factors to accelerate the recovery of international visits to Vietnam. Photo: Chi Cuong At VIR’s roundtable discussion on seeking a boost for inbound tourism last week, editor-in-chief Le Trong Minh opened the roundtable with a fact-based observation, and noted that the country has yet to unlock the full potential of its tourism industry....

The most haunted places in every state

The United States is teeming with paranormal activity. Many historical places are said be haunted, but other, more unassuming locations, are also home to otherworldly phenomena. If you are into ghost hunting and want to visit a haunted location, where should you head to first? Hopefully you'll find the answer in this gallery. Here we list the most haunted places in every state. Click on and happy ghost hunting!

Awe-inspiring sunsets from around the world

52 Beautiful Places to Satisfy Your Wanderlust From Afar

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Inauguration of one of the three steepest ski slopes in the world, called Black Wall

In the Swiss Alps, a black slope called 'one of the three steepest in the world' was inaugurated by the company that manages the Glacier 3000 ski resort of Les Diablerets, in the Canton of Vaud.Called 'Black Wall', it is a three-kilometre descent that, thanks to a 265-metre-long tunnel carved into the mountain, makes it possible to ski from the highest part of the lifts (over 3,000 metres) to the col du Pillon (1,546 metres).Its maximum gradient of 104% (46°),' Glacier 3000 announces, 'makes it steeper than the Streif in Kitzbühel (Austria) or the Lauberhorn in Wengen (Switzerland), two famous downhill events of the Alpine Ski World Cup.

Wonderful whiskered wildlife

When we talk of whiskered creatures, we tend to automatically think of our pet dog or cat. The animal kingdom, however, is bristling with numerous mammals possessed of this key anatomical feature. In fact, mammal species without whiskers are actually a minority. And besides terrestrial beasts, several fish and bird species are also blessed with a crop of this stiff, functional hair. But why exactly do animals have whiskers, and how do they work? To find out, click on and read through this gallery of wonderful whiskered wildlife.

These incredible images of Mars will make you wish you could visit

Browse this gallery and delve into the beautiful landscapes of our celestial neighbor.

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From Empire State Building to the Brandenburg Gate, all in the dark for an hour for Earth Hour. Photo

The initiative Earth Hour began in 2007 and consists of a very simple gesture: turning off the lights for one hour. It is a symbolic gesture to bring attention to the fight against climate change. Countries around the world participate by turning off the most famous monuments.

Golf Travel: discovering the Carimate Castle

Immerse yourself in the great tradition of the Carimate Castle Golf Club, a place that combines history, sports and relaxation in a unique and exclusive setting. A history that began back in 1962, an example for any real estate venture by any entrepreneur interested in keeping respect for the environment a priority. Located in the beautiful setting of Lombardy, the club offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors, thanks to its fascinating history and high-quality services.

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20 facts to remember about the first landing on the moon

In July 1969, three American astronauts—commander Neil Armstrong, command module pilot Michael Collins and lunar module pilot Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin—made history as the crew of Apollo 11, the first mission to successfully put human beings on the moon. A half-century after the last Apollo mission, it’s important to look back on this extraordinary space exploration program, and its lasting impact on science, politics and the public imagination. Here are 20 facts to remember about the moon landing.

Woman shouts at family tourists over their luggage taking up space on train

SINGAPORE: A woman shouted at a family tourist for blocking space with their luggage on the MRT. “Just now you were blocking the seat were you not?” she questioned rudely. Reddit user Yoomzster shared that it was evident that the family tried their best to avoid being inconsiderate and kept their luggage as close to […] The post Woman shouts at family tourists over their luggage taking up space on train appeared first on The Independent...

Famous people buried in unmarked graves

We have been burying our dead and performing funerary rituals for millennia. It's just something humans do, so it's hard to imagine not knowing where a loved one is buried. Many famous people, however, do not always have marked graves. And in some cases where they did get a tombstone, it's not quite in the location they are buried. Browse through this gallery and discover famous people buried in unmarked graves.

Headed to Newport Beach? Here's what you shouldn't miss!

Newport Beach, California, is the perfect summer destination. Guests will love strolling around and enjoying the marvelous views of Crystal Cove State Park. They can bask in the sun while admiring the picturesque views it offers. Aside from this, the city also features Balboa Island. It is a tiny island that guests can explore. In Newport Beach you...

7 Best Rewards Credit Cards in Singapore (2023): Citibank, OCBC, DBS & More

If you love collecting points and redeeming them, a rewards credit card will give you some added life satisfaction. These days, there’s a lot more in banks’ rewards catalogues than boring old NTUC vouchers. You can redeem your accumulated points for cash rebates, air miles, nifty gadgets, and dining vouchers at fancy schmancy restaurants. But with the dizzying number of rewards credit cards out there, comparing them all can be an insurmountable...

JoJo Siwa realised she was gay at Disney World

JoJo Siwa has revealed why Disney World in Florida means so much to her.